MediaKids Academy was established in order to take English education to the more rural areas of Thailand that do not have readily available access to learning the language from native English teachers as easily as major cities and towns. Since 2001, MediaKids has strived to keep this our main mission, and for this reason, the majority of our placements are in the northeast region called Esan, where you can experience authentic Thai culture.

You may refer to the map information which provides more detail about the regions where we offer school placements.


Central Thailand covers the areas of the Chao Phraya River. It is separated from the northeast region by the Phetchabun mountain range. The area was the heartland of the Ayutthaya Kingdom and is still the dominant area of Thailand. This region consists of 22 provinces, some of which are of particular interest to visitors. It is an area rich in history with the ancient city of Ayutthaya, the Khmer temples of Lopburi, the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi, Royal Palaces, and Nakhon Pathom, the oldest city in Thailand with its famous Phra Pathom Chedi, the tallest stupa in the world. 15% of our school placements are located in this region.


Esan (also written as Isaan) consists of 20 provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand. It is Thailand’s largest region, bordered by the Mekong River (along the border with Laos) to the north and east, Cambodia to the southeast, and the Sankamphaeng Range south of Nakhon Ratchasima. To the west, it is separated from northern and central Thailand by the Phetchabun Mountains. Esan offers a truly authentic Thai experience: extraordinary national parks and natural sites, beautiful Khmer temples, and stunning countryside sceneries. About 65% of our school placements are located in the Esan region.


The north of Thailand contrasts greatly with the busy city of Bangkok and the high-energy beach resorts of the south. Hidden among the forested mountains of the north are the country’s most iconic waterfalls and caves, as well as white water rapids and jungle trails. The area is a playground for outdoor pursuits – hiking, rafting, kayaking, and caving opportunities abound. About 20% of our school placements are located in the northern region of Thailand.

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