ECD – English for Communication Development

This program focuses on enhancing students’ English speaking and listening skills with a fun, hands-on approach using visual aids, games, and even songs. ECD aims to build confidence and encourage natural, normal conversation, which is important in rural areas where students aren’t usually exposed to English outside the classroom. This program accounts for the majority of our placements.

IEP – Intensive English Program

IEP encourages natural conversation that should flow easily using correct grammar and pronunciation. Students are taught to gain a firm grasp of the English language through subjects that develop and enhance their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. At the same time, students are encouraged to use English with creativity and flair. Understanding jokes and idioms, and being able to express themselves properly in English is also important in IEP.

MEP – Mini English Program

Students learn and gain specialist knowledge of other curriculum subjects such as Math, Science, Health, Social Studies, and Computer. This program offers students the unique opportunity to increase their knowledge of these subjects by studying them both in Thai and in English. MEP prepares students for university, international study or employment, or for a highly professional career in Thailand.
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