How to take on your small district


Sometimes you will find yourself eating the same dish because its something you know how to order in Thai, you know its safe and something you enjoy. Well one thing I have learned, that Thai food is so cheap, that even if you don’t like it at least you tried it and a) know what not to order next time b) find your new favourite dish c) learned a new Thai word. For example, I quickly learned that I do not like Thai Basil (a herb that tastes strongly of liquorice). Now with almost every dish I order I say “Mai oui Kapow” which means I don’t want Basil, and oh how it has changed my culinary experience in Thailand. I now have many dishes I absolutely love. Don’t stick to 7eleven, broaden those taste buds.

P.S: Go for a Hot Pot or a Buffet “BBQ on Coal”

P.P.S Iced coffee is the best thing, and literally found anywhere and everywhere (a must, especially when its hot)



I am a very active person and luckily there is a small little gym close by. I think anywhere you go you will find a place to stay fit and maybe you can play a little Golf too. Yes, teaching you on your feet all day, and if you not zipping down to a shop on your scooter or bicycle, you walking. So what more exercise do you need right? Well for me I enjoy staying fit, so going to a gym or simply doing a home routine works for me. If you are the same there is an APP called Nike Training APP where you can do workouts from YOGA routines, Endurance, HIIT’s and strength and toning. These are simply things you can do in the comfort of your newly acquired home in Thailand. If going to the Gym is more your vibe, then heading over to the Gym (hopefully with air conditioner) is something you should slot into your weekly routine. Even though teaching can be exhausting, after a workout with all the serotonin released, it will make you feel top of the world.



With this opportunity of being able to expand so many children’s horizon through teaching English, we get to travel too. From as little as 300 baht for accommodation, 70 Baht for a BIG Leo/Chang beer, 40 Baht for a meal, 50 baht for a bus ride, travelling is made way too easy. Busses are so frequent, street food is always available and most backpackers and hotels you can walk into and book. If you don’t want to catch a Tuk-tuk/taxi, Thailand is such a place where you can walk. All the places you walk past will offer you markets, food, clothes, people and bars you would never think existed.  BORED? Cant be, there is a temple everywhere you go, a market everywhere you go, a place to get a beer everywhere you go and a hidden treasure everywhere you go. That’s what travelling is about yes? Got to go explore to find the adventure. And hey, what’s that saying “its not about the destination but the journey”. You have to find the adventure in the small and the big things, and that is exactly what Thailand gives you, the most wonderful moments in the most unexpected things.



This is your new home, there is no need to be on the go all the time. Find a good book, find your coffee local, or your favourite bar to listen to live music and chat to the locals. Everyone in Thailand are all too welcoming. Most places you walk into you will find the band changing from Thai songs to a few western songs played especially for you. Find somewhere quite, go for a ride on your scooter through the forests and again find hidden gems such a little restaurant or a beautiful lake. Like I said, there is always something to discover.



Everywhere you go there will be other Media Kids teachers. It’s a bonus if they have been teaching already and give you advice on teaching, the school and the little tricks and tips you can use in class, otherwise you can all figure it out together. Not only for the teaching but travelling too and figuring out your towns restaurants, shops, bars and people.

On the quite days, the busy weekends, the spontaneous dinner/nights out, this adventure is what you make it. Don’t be afraid to explore, meet new people, try new things, travel to different places or simply chill out.

And with only one month down there is so much more to figure out and experience.

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