Visa & Work Permit

Whilst you are in Thailand you will need two official documents, a Non-Immigrant B visa to allow you to live here, and a work permit allowing you to work in the country.

MediaKids will cover the cost of the work permit and will do all the paperwork required for obtaining it. You can rest assured that as soon as you arrive, hand over and sign the required documents our consultant team will take care of you every step of the way, assuring that you have everything you need to work and live in Thailand.

Concerning Visas, the payment of it will be your responsibility. Your most cost effective option of acquiring one will be to apply for a Non-Immigrant B single entry visa from the Thai embassy in your home country. The other option is to acquire a tourist visa in your home country, which will allow you to stay in Thailand for 60 days. Otherwise, if you arrive to Thailand without a pre-existing visa, you will receive a one month tourist Visa upon arrival at the airport. We will then have to arrange for you to go on a two day visa run, having you acquire a Non-Immigrant B Visa from a neighboring country. This will cost approximately 6,500 baht. We will provide you with more country specific information about the acquiring of visa after the interviewing process.

We understand that this process might seem confusing or difficult to those new to working in Thailand. But rest assured that our team of expert consultants will handle all the details for you so your experience is smooth and stress-free.

Re-Entry Permit

If you plan to travel outside of Thailand, you will need to obtain a re-entry Permit to keep your visa or extension of stay valid. Departing Thailand without a re-entry permit cancels any existing visa or extensions of stay. 

If you do leave Thailand without a re-entry permit, you will need to go through the initial process again to obtain a Non-Immigrant visa and then apply for the extension.

Single Re-Entry Permit–The fee is 1,000 baht and the expiration date will be based on the validity of your visa stamp. A single re-entry permit is valid for only one re-entry. Upon coming back to Thailand(re-entry), Thai immigration will stamp the permit “USED” to show it is no longer valid.

Multiple Re-Entry Permit–The fee is 3,800 baht and like the single re-entry permit, the expiration date will be based on the validity of your visa stamp. The permit remains valid until the expiration date; so during its validity period, you may leave and return as many times as you wish keeping your long stay extension in force.

You can obtain the re-entry permit at your nearest Thai immigration office. You can also get it at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang Airport on the day of your flight at least one hour before boarding time. The service is available 05.00 AM – 12.00 Midnight. (Office times may change, please check a day prior to departure)

Note: Other domestic airports and land borders DO NOT issue a re-entry permit.


Visa Extension

The visa extension costs 1,900 baht. Thailand immigration will grant an extension of stay after you have obtained the Thai Non-Immigrant B visa. Upon your initial entry with your Non-Immigrant B visa, you will receive a permission to stay for 90 days. The company will then apply for your work permit which is essential for your extension of stay. Your consultants will prepare all the required documents for the visa extension. 

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