We’re hiring!

There’s a demand of ESL teachers in Thailand. Our company has dozens of English teaching jobs to fill each semester.

If you’re looking for a change and a fun new experience send us your CV.

If you meet the following criteria;

•       Bachelor’s degree holder

•       Good command in spoken and written English

•       Willing to travel to small towns of Thailand

•       Committed to a year abroad

•       Easily adaptable to a different culture and educational system

•       Passionate about teaching

Then you’re a suitable candidate for our teaching program.


Teaching in Thailand

This program is specifically developed to put ESL teachers into schools in Thailand, providing a trusted system to place you in a fun, rewarding job.

You will have a guaranteed job and we will help you set up the accommodation for you to settle in.

Each position requires a minimum of 4 months commitment to your school, after which you are free to move to another school, stay at the same school or seek your own job, though we prefer it if you hang around for the full 10 months.

Does it cost anything?

Nothing! We’re happy to interview you by Skype, once an offer is made you will need to make your own way over to Bangkok for the training.

How much will I be paid?

Standard starting salaries for an ESL teacher in Thailand is 31,000 baht. Additional qualifications can help you earn more than the base salary.

Job Placement

We have schools all over Central, Northern and Northeastern Thailand, and where you’re placed depends on a number of things like what program/level you’re best suited to, if schools have any special education/experience requirements, and if you’re being placed alone or with a friend. But Thailand is beautiful – from North to South – so wherever you go will definitely have its own charm!

When do you get to travel?

You will have two months off in March/April, and 3-4 weeks off in October to visit the exotic beaches, islands and captivating temple that are scattered across this fascinating country.

Choose your job placement

We will present you with few options as regarding your placement.

Thai Culture

The way of living in Thailand tends to be a lot more laid back than most visitors are familiar with. As part of the experience of adapting to the culture, you should try and adapt to the lifestyle as much as you can to really get the most out of this experience.

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