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MediaKids provide a bi-annual orientation course for all of our teachers prior to their placement in the schools. Our course is scheduled in May for the 1st Semester and October for the 2nd semester to take place in Bangkok. Attendance is expected for all new teachers.

The Orientation Course is free of charge for all new teachers and will be provided with twin shared room during the course with free breakfast included (Private room available on request for an additional charge). Snacks are also offered throughout the event (however, teachers are responsible for lunch and dinner).

The Course will include:

  • Basic Thai language and culture
  • Thai School System familiarization
  • Curriculum and Planning
  • Class management and Teaching tips
  • Visa & work permit regulations

The Teachers will:

  • Meet their consultants and other MediaKids staff
  • Meet fellow foreign teachers
  • Meet Thai teachers from schools
  • Sign contracts and documents for visa and work permit
  • Receive curriculum and teaching templates
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