In the 16 years since MediaKids Academy was founded, our goal to provide quality teachers with a deep understanding and knowledge of the English language to local schools in rural Thailand has remained our priority. However, over the years, our approach to this has changed somewhat.

Aside from aiming to employ native English speakers to educate Thai children in the English language, we also aim to bring our worlds closer together, with a particular emphasis on cultural differences and its role in education. Through this, we maintain constant contact with our schools and our teachers in order to better help them adjust to each other’s culture and ways of life. We also tailor our programs to effectively bridge this gap; in stark contrast to vocabulary and grammar heavy English learning, our programs focus on everyday conversations, pronunciation, natural flow of speech and an understanding of common phrases and ideas. We aim to give our teachers the tools to not just teach students how to understand English, but how to enjoy, explore, and be creative with the English language.

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