When we are not from the country we are trying to work, customs and cultures can escape us, rightly so. Without visa, conditions, underground work, minimum age, freelance: to follow, know everything about the procedures.

Working-in-Thailand: Do not go on a whim

First, be aware of the salaries offered: they will allow you to live decently where you want to work. To get a plane ticket or health insurance, it’s better to save money. There are many English teaching jobs in Asia but you will need to know more about the work required and also the qualifications requirements. Thailand, so it’s not just girls and partying. It’s very hot, it’s humid, and there are mosquitoes, pollution in Bangkok. And you will need a work visa, which is possible to get with a promise of hiring.

Work: a formality?

You can go there with a simple tourist visa, and then see what you can find as work once there. Why not? After all travels form character. To apply for a job, you must first know that it exists. For this, there is word of mouth called also the technique of the network, or the classifieds on the Internet. There are a few valid ones, and you can apply to all knowing that the return rate is very low.

Alternatively, you can choose to send spontaneous applications, or go door to door in the bars (if you know how to prepare cocktails) or at the headquarters of local companies (if you know how to use a computer).

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