IEP Program – Intensive English Program

IEP teachers teach conversation as well as basic grammatical terms and ideas, and encourage their students to gain a firm grasp of the English language. This program encourages natural conversation using correct grammar and pronunciation: The IEP program focuses on conversation that should flow easily and naturally from your students and to teach a high proficiency of written English: handwriting, spelling, sentence structure and use of punctuation is important here.

Curriculum: For the IEP program you will be provided with a curriculum which can depend on your placement. You and your students will be given text books – so you work through the book together as a class. (In some cases the students don’t have text books to work from – but you are still given a book to help guide your lessons)

Level: IEP teaching can be from Pratom (primary) level 1-6 to Mathayom (secondary) level 1-6  – it depends on your placement

Timetable: You will see each of your classes 4 times a week. Your classes could be from any level, but they will be a select class with students that have opted into the program.

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