Teaching in Thailand

MEP – Mini English Program

The Mini English Program (MEP) teaches other curriculum subjects in English; such as Math, Health, Science and Computer science, etc. This program offers student the unique opportunity to increase their knowledge of these subjects by supplementing them in English. Students will study these subjects both in Thai and in English. The MEP program is about studying a range of subjects in the English language to prepare students for University, international study/ employment, or for a highly professional career in Thailand.

CurriculumMEP teaching is for Pratom level 1-6, and Mathayom level 1-6. For Pratom the teacher will teach one level, and will teach all the following subjects in English: Math, Science, Health, English, Social and sometimes Physical Education. This position is much like a primary school teacher.

For Mathayom you will teach one of the following subjects in English:

Mathbasic algebra, basic geometry, basic arithmetic, sets, proportions and problem-solving.

Sciencegeneral science, basic biology, basic chemistry, basic physics.

Computerbasic window programs such as MS Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint. 

Curriculum and text books are given, as is course specific training at the orientation in the week before term begins. We support MEP teachers throughout the semester.