Q. What is the dress code at school?

A. For male teachers, they are expected to wear professional white shirt, smart black trousers, tie, belt, and black or brown office footwear. A tie will be provided by MediaKids at the orientation course for teachers to wear. Male teachers are required to have a trimmed professional look for both their hairstyle and facial hair.

As for female teachers, a professional white blouse along with a smart black or plain skirt, belt and closed toe professional shoes are required. Two white blouses will be provided by MediaKids at the orientation course for the teachers to wear.

Q: How much does the Non-B visa cost?

A: This will cost approximately 6,500 baht which includes transportation, hotel, food and visa fees. We will provide you with more country-specific information about acquiring the visa after the interviewing process.

Q: How long is the visa run process?

 A: The visa run takes 2 working days for which you get paid a normal salary.


Q: When do I need to do the visa run?

A: The consultants will inform you of the exact date for the visa run. It takes at least 2 weeks to process the paperwork for you, and then they will schedule a date for you to conduct the visa run.


Q: How do I get there?

A: The exact route will depend on your placement location or starting point. You have the option to go with an agency that will help you with the whole process, or you can complete it on your own for which the consultants will be on call for you in the case you need assistance.

Q: Where do I need to go to apply for the visa?

A: The majority of foreigners living and working in Thailand visit the neighboring country, Laos to apply for their visa. This is the fastest and most convenient way to obtain the Non-Immigrant B visa. The consultant will assist you with crossing the border into Laos and getting to the local consulate/embassy.

Q: Will I need to do a medical check? And when?

A: Yes, you need to do a medical check after the visa run. This is required in order to obtain the work permit. The consultants will email you the form and assist you with the process.

Q. Where are the schools located?

A. We have schools all over Central, Northern and Northeastern Thailand, and where you’re placed depends on a number of things like what program/level you’re best suited to, if schools have any special education/experience requirements, and if you’re being placed alone or with a friend. But Thailand is beautiful – from North to South – so wherever you go will definitely have its own charm!

Q: Does MediaKids Academy provide free accommodation?

A: We provide accommodation for you in the form of an apartment, small house, bungalow, or a room in a shared house. Most of the accommodations are chosen based on proximity to the school, amenities and budget.

Depending on location, single/shared houses may be provided or suggested. Most accommodations will be studio type apartments.

Q: Does free accommodation include utility bills and amenities?

A: All accommodations include basic amenities: bed (sheet, pillow, and blanket), dresser, closet (or clothes rack) and air conditioner.  If air con is not available, a fan will be provided. Moreover, depending on location and type of accommodation, some will include extra amenities such as TV, fridge, sofa, etc.

However, you are responsible for monthly utilities; electric and water bills, etc. approximately 1000 baht/month depending on the usage.


Q: How far is the accommodation from the school?

A: Most of our accommodations are within 5-15 minutes walking distance from the school. Many placements are within walking distance, but some places require you to take public transportation or ride your own motorbike.

Q: Can I choose my accommodation?

A: If you don’t like the company’s accommodation or simply wish to find your own accommodation, we can provide a housing allowance of 3,000 baht per month. In these circumstances, we will always work with you to help find something suitable for your needs.


Q: What other options do I have for accommodation?

A: You may also enjoy the “Over Budget Accommodation.” This is a hybrid system for more expensive accommodation where rent is paid directly to the landlord by MediaKids, with a slight deduction from your salary. This is only for accommodation costing more than 3,000 baht (e.g. 3,500 – 4,000 baht monthly rent).

Q. What are the school activities?

A. Teacher is required to implement any supplemental programs provided to the school by MediaKids Academy, including but not limited to the following:

·         Gate Greeting ( Gate Duty )

·         Morning Talk

·         Teaching Thai Teachers

·         Clubs

·         English Camp

·         The Star

Q. How is the transportation in Thailand?

A. It is very convenient and inexpensive. You can choose from a variety of modes, including airplane, bus, van, taxi, tuktuk, songtaew motorcycle taxi and train.


Q. What are the main airports in Thailand?

A. We have 2 main airports; Suvarnabhumi Airport and Donmuang Airport. And we also have international airports in some provinces; Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Hat Yai, Krabi, Samui, Surat Thani, Udon Thani and Ubon Ratchathani. In addition, there are a large number of domestic airports, and you can be sure to find one very near to your placement for easy access to the rest of Thailand.


Q. How are the buses?

A. Buses in Thailand are widely used. You can take a bus to everywhere in Thailand. Regular schedule run throughout the day. Mochit Bus Station is the main station going to the North and Northeaster Thailand. Sai Tai Mai offers services to the south. Many people prefer the night buses for long trips as they are very comfortable to sleep on.


Q. How are the trains?

A. Like buses, trains reach all areas of Thailand, are inexpensive and are widely used. They have many schedules throughout the day and beds are available for night trips. It’s a beautiful way to travel giving you the opportunity to admire scenic views along the way. However, they usually take a bit longer.

Q: Do we have our own private rooms or are we expected to share?

A: The room we arrange for you is a shared room. Private rooms are available on request for an additional cost of 450-500 baht per night.


Q: Are meals provided during orientation?

A: You will receive a voucher for the hotel breakfast everyday throughout the course. We also provide snacks during the course. However, lunch and dinner will be the responsibility of the teachers.


Q: How will the orientation benefit the start of my life in Thailand?

A: We will provide you information about how to work with Thai schools and Thai students. We will provide you curriculum, lesson planning guidance and grading workshop. We will teach you basic Thai Language. You will get to the chance to meet other foreign teachers and MediaKids staff that you will be working with throughout the semester.

Q. Do you provide insurance?

A. Yes, we provide free accident insurance. It covers general accidents such as vehicular, motor cycles and assault. The insurance will generally cover the total costs. In the case of an accident you need to show the card to the hospital before treatment/admission. If you did not bring the card with you, you need to pay in full amount at the hospital and then you can get a claim form from your consultant. This needs to be submitted with the doctor’s note and the receipt. MediaKids will send the form to the insurance company and wait for approval of the reimbursement.

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